What are Executive and/or Fringe Benefits?

  • Selective offerings that companies use to recruit and retain their key employees, especially in competitive industries

  • Examples can include additional life and disability insurance, special retirement plans, financial education and personalized planning resources, tuition assistance, special bonus programs, actual or phantom stock ownership programs, etc.

Benefits to Key Employees can include:

  • Additional Life and Disability insurance that can help cover the financial gaps that exist between the base coverages offered to all employees and what would be needed to replace their higher salaries and bonuses

  • Ability to obtain additional Life and Disability insurance with little or no medical underwriting

  • Opportunity to put more money away on a pre-tax basis and thus control their tax brackets and payment of compensation

  • Ability to save more money to help replace their higher income and desired lifestyles in retirement

  • Opportunity to receive financial education and advice that is tailored to successful and higher income earners

Executive Benefits

We know that successful companies offer great core benefits to all of their employees but we also know that every successful company has key employees that really drive results and would be hard to replace.  Those key employees want and deserve benefits that go above and beyond the core benefits offered to everyone.  These benefits are called Executive or Fringe Benefits.

Benefits to Employers can include:

  • Having a robust and documented Executive Benefits program to help attract and retain key talent

  • Having a carrot to motivate potential future key employees

  • Total Compensation Statements that outline how much the company is spending and investing in them above and beyond their base earning

The company gets to choose:

  • Who participates

  • Which benefits each person receives

  • Tiers of benefits offered to different key employee groups

Want to learn more?

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