Financial - Legal - Tax - Insurance

“Our Mission is to Positively Impact the lives of people in the racing community by providing the Education, Services and Products they need to achieve Financial Security and Protection”

We work with organizations, ownership groups, drivers and key employees to implement win-win strategies that benefit each other. It takes a coordinated effort to achieve the outcomes that all parties involved desire.

Our expertise in these key areas, an understanding of everyone’s goals, and a coordinated effort to meet those goals, is the key to success.


Many organizations and employees are unaware of all the tools and strategies that are available to them. We provide options and help implement the best solutions to help achieve successful outcomes for all.




Attract & Retain Key Employees

  • Innovative Compensation Planning

  • Deferring More Pre-Tax Money

  • Paying Less Taxes

  • Vesting Performance Based Bonus   Programs

  • Access to Professional 401k Management

  • Key Employee Benefit Packages

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Cost Containment:

  • Employee Benefits

  • Retirement Programs

  • Commercial Insurance Premiums

Individuals and Families


  • Financial & Retirement Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Business/Land Investments

  • Individually Owned Life & Disability Insurance Programs

  • Income Tax Management

  • Estate Planning

Organizational and Family Strategic Planning for the Racing Community