What Happens to Your Business if Something Happens to You?   
...and Your Family, Employees and Stakeholders
It covers:

  • Planning for a succession or sale of the business

  • Conditions that must be factored into the plan

  • Who controls the business?

  • What is the compensation structure?

  • Challenges to be overcome

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Exit and Succession Planning

Are you prepared for the eventual sale or transition out of your business?

As distant and that sounds, planning now for the eventual transition away from your business is one of the smartest steps you can take to make sure that your future needs are met, you and your family are protected, and your business can move forward in the way you intended.

We can help you develop an exit or succession plan that can provide for the future needs of you and your family.


Will you have enough income during your retirement years to support your lifestyle? We can help you with personal financial security planning.

    Personal Retirement Income Forecast
•    Deferred Compensation
•    Defined Benefit Plan

Business Continuation Planning:

  • Business Overhead Expense Coverage

  • Salary Continuation Plan

  • Business Loan Protection

Do You Have a Plan for Your Exit or Retirement?
Business Succession Planning

  • Buy-Sell Agreement

  • Key Person Coverage

  • ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan