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Mission Statement


Our mission is to help Business Owners Recruit, Retain and Reward their Key People and to establish Written and Funded Business Succession and Exit plans for themselves and their Key People 

How can we help?


Whether you’re an employer looking for ways to attract and retain top talent or you’re a business owner trying to figure out who will succeed you in the event of your death, long-term illness or at retirement, we can help.


Think of us as Financial Architects that can help you map out from scratch what you want to accomplish, and what's important to you.  From there we coordinate with all of the key financial professionals that need to be consulted like CPA’s, Tax and Estate Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Insurance Professionals, etc.  We then come back to you with very specific options and plans to accomplish your stated goals and desires.  Ultimately, we help you build everything out, getting everything in place and help manage and oversee the long-term execution of your plan.

Most business owners know what they want to accomplish when it comes to their succession and exit plan, but less than 10% of them have written and funded plans in place.  Be a ten-percenter and get your plans in place! 

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