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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different



What makes us different is our ability to consult with Business Owners and Key Leaders to help them be more Profitable, Sustainable and Valuable.  We have a network of professionals with expertise from employee benefits to retirement plans, key person recruiting and retention programs, commercial insurance, business valuations, succession planning, exit planning and more.  Most businesses are accessing these services from a multitude of professionals that do not communicate with each other and do not understand what the ultimate gameplan is for the business and/or the owners.

Here’s a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • Who’s looking at the big picture?  When was the last time all of your key advisors got together and had a conversation about your business?

  • For Business Owners, are you clear on how the success in your business gets ultimately transferred to you when you decide to step down, slow down or retire?


 As a Certified Value Builder, we are not only looking for programs that will address your HR Goals, we are hunting for programs that will help you attract and retain the best talent in the market, do so in the most cost effective way, help drive profitability and ultimately the value of the company.  Again, we know that very few of our competitors are focused on the bottom-line profitability and value of the company like we are.

In addition to being a comprehensive Business Consultant to our clients we also work with many Key Employees and Business Owners on their own Personal Financial & Retirement Plans.  Our Financial Planning and Wealth Management team specializes in working with higher income and higher net worth clients.  Our Business Consultants continually strategize with our Personal Planners to make sure that we are leveraging all available resources within the business to meet the personal goals of Key Employees and Business Owners.

 We welcome you to experience and enjoy the difference that clients have found working with the The Fringe Benefits Group.

“Through our extensive network of Financial, Legal, Tax & Insurance Professionals we look forward bringing to bringing Peace of Mind to Business Owners & Employees by helping them Design, Implement & Manage their Family & Organizational Plans for the future.”


- Kevin H Fringer

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