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We at The Fringe Benefits Group recently lost a close friend. Robin “Bray” Pemberton recently passed away due to a serious illness. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Bray wanted to have an impact on the lives of the people he knew in the racing community. He knew from personal experience that the schedules and lives of people in this industry were very challenging. He knew that those time demands prevented many individuals and organizations from implementing the programs that they needed to provide financial security and peace of mind for their families and the organizations they worked for.

Over the last year, he became a business associate and good friend to Kevin Fringer, the President and Founder of the Fringe Benefits Group. While recovering from his first bout with COVID in early 2020, he met with Kevin and shared his thoughts and vision about working with the racing community. He knew that the Fringe Benefits Group, with decades of experience working in the sports industry, had the resources, people and expertise to help the people that he cared for so deeply in NASCAR. After what he had just gone through personally, it became his mission to make this happen.

Although the legal representation he provided and the sponsorship deals he negotiated for teams and drivers was very important, he felt that he could and should do more for the industry that had given him and his family so much.


After months of working together with Kevin preparing and planning, the Motorsports Division of the Fringe Benefits Group was ready to go. Unfortunately, Bray contracted COVID for a second time but couldn’t overcome it. He passed away on September 8, 2021.

Bray’s family, led by his parents Robin and Lisa Pemberton, decided to keep Bray’s vision alive by encouraging Kevin to continue his work with the racing community as a tribute to Bray. We want to thank Bray’s family for their support. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of the racing community and provide a service to them that Bray would be proud of.


We miss him and will forever hold him in our hearts.

Our vision is to positively impact the health and wealth of employees,

their families and the teams and companies in the racing community


We Design, Implement & Manage Family & Organization Game-plans for our Clients



“Through our extensive network of Financial, Legal, Tax & Insurance Professionals we look forward bringing to bringing Peace of Mind to the People and Organizations in the the Racing Community”

- Kevin Fringer, President of the Fringe Benefits Group

“The #1 Question we like to ask is Who’s looking at the big picture? Families and Businesses are traditionally getting advice and products from at least 5 different professionals and are left to try and see if and how it all fits together to accomplish the goals that they have. By default they become their own Financial General Contractor and are left to oversee the construction of their future and most just don’t have the time or expertise to do it.”


Our plan for employees and employers in the racing community has three general phases that answer these additional questions:

  • Where you are now?

  • Where do you want to get to?

  • What is your plan to get there?


We can work with you to create a thorough and detailed financial plan for you that can serve you well into the future.

FBG currently provides consulting services to clients nationwide including their

Collegiate Division which serves clients in over 35 states

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